What does a porn actor job interview look like? Most men are discouraged only by the conditions and its course.

It's all about your ability to control your sexual organ.

Perhaps every guy has ever thought about trying to go on to become a porn actor. In his youth, it sounds like a simple career path where one can enjoy a lot of fun, physical enjoyment and even earn a decent income. Watching pornography then opens a new door in the male mind, leading to the conclusion that he would accomplish this task much better compared to the actor who actually appeared in the film and would then find hundreds of thousands of comments across the internet how the guys boast. They boast of the length of their instrument or stamina in bed and criticize the actors in porn movies without knowing what it takes to make a single movie or video.

Recently, a commentary appeared on the Reddit portal under an epic moving picture starring actress Nicole Aniston, who will perhaps explain to all brave men once and for all how it goes in this industry. Carnageeleven has set out to explain what a guy has to do directly in an interview as a porn actor, and what physical or mental prerequisites he has to meet. According to him, a friend of mine attended one of these castings or an interview, but it could have been himself. We would start by saying that the famous BangBros project offered him a salary of only around $ 35,000 a year. Although it sounds very solid for our conditions, in the United States, a person with such annual income would hardly live.

As for the basic prerequisites for becoming a porn actor, there are a few. Probably the basic requirement concerns the length of the genital organ. The required length varies from 20 to 22 centimeters, so at this point you can easily stop reading. You should then be able to control your instrument almost perfectly, so if the director tells you he needs an erection from you, you should be able to do it in seconds. The same rule is associated with ejaculation, so no long scenes without climax have no interest in the porn industry. Furthermore, you should not be hindered by the occasional close contact with other men, because when shooting group scenes it sometimes happens that some parts of your body touch for a few seconds. Although most men entering porn do not have modeling experience, you should have a professional portfolio and some photos. If you were to meet all of the above conditions, you might still get a real interview right in the office.

Only the interview itself was able to dissuade many applicants because its course is not one of the ordinary ones. Upon entering the office, where you will usually be faced with an older gentleman capable of evaluating your performance, you will need to pull off your pants and get to work. Within 30 seconds, you should make sure you get an erection, and an actress who is in the room right with you at some interviews can help you with this task. If you like her, she will allow you to touch her rain, but your erotic moment in the office is far from over. You'll have to masturbate for at least another 10 minutes before everyone is present, and when your boss tells you it's time to ejaculate, you'll have to manage it in one minute. The next 15 minutes will get you to regenerate and then you have to prepare for the next masturbation, as the boss wants to see if you can continue your potential work several times in a row and will be interested in the extent to which you can control your orgasm.

Even in the porn industry it is mainly money, so if you eventually get the chance to show up on the camera, no one will look at your physiological needs. If they decide to take you after the interview, they will offer you a contract and as a porn actor in training, you will make several scenes according to your contract, where they will train you in positioning your limbs so that you don't get caught in front of the camera. You must also prepare yourself for demanding sexual positions, so besides perfect health you will also be required to have good fitness and some muscles. When moving an actress from place to place, you must not rule her up. You won't be helped by the fact that more than 10 people taking care of lighting, styling or cameras will stand around you while shooting. It is clear that $ 35,000 a year is the basic salary of a novice porn actor, so over time you will be able to earn more and more, but looking at all the conditions and claims, you may even doubt that becoming a porn actor really pays off.